Unlock your personality

Better understand your personality to navigate life situations and find greater fulfillment in relationships, work,  social settings, and more.

Data-backed Personality Insights

VELLA combines proven Big Five personality assessment methods with the power of machine learning to unlock key insights into your personality based on your day-to-day behavior.

BIG FIVE Personality Assessment

VELLA uses the tried and true Big Five Personality assessment model as the foundation to help you understand key facets of your personality.

Connecting Data

Powered by your day to day use of your phone and apps: we use the real-time data you choose to share with us to help you learn about yourself over time.

Progress Tracking

Track your progress working toward your goals. View activities and goal progress, revisit past goals, and watch your personality evolve.


Personality driven goals

So, you understand your personality, now what? 

VELLA elevates you by providing relevant goals around your personality traits and areas of your life that you'd like you focus on, helping you find actionable ways to center your wellbeing and deepen your understanding of yourself. 

Full Transparency

Your personality is fundamentally, well... personal.

VELLA gives you all the information you need and full control over your data so you can venture into your personality with your eyes wide open.

Data connections

The magic happens behind the scenes: VELLA is powered by you and your data. The way we use our phones says a lot about who we are.
VELLA tells you exactly what information we collect and gives you full control so you can make informed decisions about the data you choose to share with us. Connect and disconnect apps at any time.

Confidence level

We show you our confidence level in our assessment  of your personality as it grows over time.

Understanding who you are is a journey. As you use the app and your phone, VELLA will help you dive deeper into who you are and our confidence and accuracy will improve. It is therefore important for you to understand where we are on that journey to make informed decisions.


Explore what makes you, you

Take a deep dive into the DNA of your personality and visualise the key characteristics that make up who you are. With personalized explanations, tailored tips, and recommended goals, uncover and unlock your potential.

Unlock your full potential.

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Goal Setting

With newfound insights into your personality, find goals to help you unlock your full potential in all areas of your life (relationships, work, stress, confidence...).

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